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"Everything that we introduce into the body through food builds and changes us, and our strength, our health and our life depend on what we have ingested", is another statement by Hippocrates that should encourage us to choose those foods that protect us and have a positive effect on our health.


Variety and moderation is the basis of a proper diet. You should eat a variety of food, because this is the only way to provide all the substances the body needs. Food is no longer viewed only from the perspective of the need for adequate intake with the aim of proper growth and  development but also the quality of human life, in the prevention, treatment and healing of many diseases. More and more people are talking about food that has a positive impact on health, especially due to diseases that are common in the developed world, and the consequences are exactly improper diet, diet based on processed food and not taking in certain ingredients from food. By eating food, we determine  our future. Medicine and nutrition in cooperation are increasingly discovering the great impact of a proper lifestyle and diet on the overall health of the population, and scientists have confirmed that a proper diet and a healthy and orderly life can be a prerequisite for combating today's deadly chronic degenerative diseases.


Hemp seeds are nutritionally the most complete food in nature. They contain all essential amino acids and essential fatty acids necessary for the development and maintenance of a healthy organism. No other source contains all essential amino acids in such an easily digestible form or essential fatty acids in a ratio ideal for meeting the needs of the human body. As a rich source of dietary fiber, they ensure proper digestion. They contain significant amounts of B and E vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium.


Therefore, regular consumption of hemp products, especially in the unprocessed form in which all useful ingredients are preserved, will significantly contribute to the variety of essential substances that you introduce into the body, in sufficient quantities, which are necessary to achieve and maintain the quality of life.

Scientific knowledge


A number of scientific studies have dealt with examining the effects of industrial (useful) hemp on the human body (cannabis sativa L).

Nomen est omen - A name is a sign

The word "sativa" in the Latin name of the plant means "useful". So it would be more correct to call the variant of hemp whose purpose is human nutrition "useful hemp" and not "industrial hemp".

Cultivation tradition

Hemp is proven to be the first cultivated plant and the history of its cultivation goes back to the distant past (10 thousand years). Due to the nutritional composition of the seeds, hemp has been an important source of nutrition since ancient times. Hemp cloth is also the first product of human hands.

The oldest preserved ancient Chinese, Indian, Greek and Roman records mention the medicinal properties of hemp. 

Let your food be your medicine a your medicine let your food be

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