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Selling CannaBio products

By phone or e-mail

Order by calling the number 

099 21 094 00or099 57 432 18or write


Leave information about the products you want to buy, name and surname, address, phone number and payment method.


Payment by cash on delivery or payment to CannaBio account

Terms of delivery in Croatia

Free delivery 1+ for orders of HRK 250.00,

     a for loyal customers of our products for orders of HRK 200.


For orders up to HRK 250.00, the delivery cost is HRK 35.00.


Delivery in most of Croatia the next business day.


Choose products through



After placing products in the cart, enter data for delivery and select the_cc781905-5cde-93b1-5cde-386bbde-38_payment_method.


Payment by credit and debit cards, withdrawal or payment to CannaBio account

Pharmacies i specialized stores


Visit a pharmacy or specialized store throughout Croatia where you will be able to get expert advice on our products when purchasing.


Sales to customers in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Limited sales.


You can order products through ourE-commerceand Your order will be analyzed and a possible delivery method will be agreed upon.


Call .. 099 574 3218
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