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CannaBio has been producing hemp products since 2012. All our products are 100% Croatian products and are obtained exclusively from the processing of useful hemp grown in Croatia. 


By using domestic hemp, we ensure the year-round presence of our products on the market, a reliable source of quality raw materials, supervision in all stages of processing and the quality of the final product. 


We have completely completed the cycle which starts with sowing hemp, through processing and making finished products to the controlled distribution of products to customers. Thus, we guarantee the highest quality of our products to our customers .


In processingwe use exclusively the hemp variety FINOLAwhose hemp seeds have the best nutritional composition and ingredients that we normally look for in hemp products.


  • We guarantee the traceability of each individual product to the exact field where the hemp was grown

  • We guarantee that no chemical ingredients, pesticides and herbicides were used in any process from sowing to the final product

  • We guarantee that our food products are 100% hemp products and are suitable for a vegan diet

  • We guarantee that our food products do not contain any additives or preservatives

  • We guarantee that in the processing procedures only mechanical procedures were used at temperatures up to 30 C and that the entire processing, filling, packaging and storage process takes place in air-conditioned conditions

How to get quality?

Hemp cultivation

We have grown industrial hemp in cooperation with well-known domestic farmers in several locations throughout Croatia. Through joint cooperation, we have gained valuable experience that we share with farmers in terms of land preparation and sowing, cultivation, threshing and preparation of harvested seeds for further processing.

Product quality can only be achieved if it starts from quality raw materials. Therefore, we only use the highest quality hemp variety as a raw material. Before entering our warehouses, all raw materials undergo analysis to determine whether they meet the criteria for human consumption.


Processing takes place in our own oil mill, which includes a mill and a drying and cleaning plant.

We use exclusively natural (mechanical) processing procedures at a temperature of up to 30 C. This ensures that all the beneficial hemp ingredients contained in the seeds are preserved in the products and in an unchanged form.

During the production of cold-pressed hemp oil, a natural method of clarification and sedimentation is used, which ensures that the obtained oil is of exceptional quality, with a distinctive full smell and taste.

Production takes place in very small batches in order to shorten the time between the opening of the hemp seed and the distribution of the finished product to customers as much as possible. Because the nutritional ingredients are best preserved when they are in the whole seed. Processing procedures with the use of stainless steel vessels and surfaces and constant cooling of the plant, hygienic correctness is ensured and oxidation and possible changes in properties are prevented before filling and packaging.


Filling, packaging and storage

Our products are filled and packed in such packaging that has all the necessary certificates related to contact with food.

In the process of filling hemp oil, the presence of air is minimized in order to prevent oxidation, and dark bottles are used to reduce the loss of nutritional ingredients due to the action of the sun's rays. In the packaging process, we use multi-layer natron bags, which ensure an ideal exchange of air and moisture between the food and the environment.

It goes without saying that all filling, packaging and storage of finished products takes place in fully air-conditioned rooms that ensure optimal temperature.



Distribution of finished products

The distribution of finished products to end customers, herbal pharmacies and specialized stores is carried out by a fast delivery service, which minimizes the time of transporting the product to the end customer, i.e. the store.

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