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Hemp products


CannaBio has been processing hemp since 2012.

All our products are 100% Croatian products and are obtained exclusively from the processing of industrial hemp grown in Croatia. 


We also offer food and cosmetic hemp products. We continuously design, organize production   and offer new hemp products on the market.


We have completely completed the cycle which starts with sowing hemp, through processing and production to the controlled distribution of finished products to customers. Thus, we guarantee the highest quality of our products to our customers .


C  B  D


- high purity CBD -





Realize the beneficial health effects of cannabinoids while avoiding the illicit ones.


A wide spectrum of positive effects on health.





- for healthier and more beautiful skin -
- for lush and shiny hair -


A new approach to your skin and hair care.


For every age and for all skin types, even for very sensitive skin.



- completely   natural -
- without allergens and gluten -


Nutritionally speaking, hemp is the most complete food in nature.


The first 100% HR hemp products.

They do not contain additives and preservatives.

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