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H E M P  P R O D U C T S

hemp grown in Croatia



(Hemp Oil, Flour, Proteins, Tea)




Completely Natural - All our products are free of conservans and additives. No allergens. No chemicals.


It's simple, quality seed & supervision = quality products


We use only Finola variety hemp seed which results in best hemp nutrients (Omega-3, GLA, SDA, essential aminoacids).

Supervised farming of hemp, free od pesticides and herbicides. Controlled processing in small lots which ensures continuosly fresh products on the market.

Commitment to Quality

W H Y   H E M P ?

- Superfood -
- no alergens -


Hemp seeds are the only seeds in nature containing almost all of the esential nutrients for daily consumption in ideal ratio: Esential fatty acids (PUFAs Omega-3, -6 & -9), super PUFAs GLA & SDA, easy digestible proteins & essential aminoacids, range of minerals & vitamins and dietery fibres.

Hemp = Superfood
Raw food & Vegan Diets

Many talk about Hemp but we are living with Hemp !!

H E M P  G R O W I N G

- Hemp Farming Pioneer -
- largest farmer's network -


CannaBio brought back Hemp on Croatian fields in 2012. Since than, we are constantly promoting Hemp growing in Croatia and educating farmers in order to achieve best results. Rich soils and warm climate + clean environment makes it an ideal area for growing Hemp.

Clean Environment
Organic Hemp Growing

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4 Mar 2016

CannaBio products available in local stores in Helsinki, Finland

16 Jan 2016

Bulk Wholesale Hemp Seed, Hemp Flour, Hemp Protein, Hemp Tea

15 Jan 2020

C-1 certified Hemp Seed FINOLA variety

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A B O U T   U S

Leading Company in Croatia
in Hemp Processing


CannaBio is a leading company in Croatia in hemp growing and producing hemp products.

Innovative prodzcts in natural cosmetics and  spirit drinks (alcohol).

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